Demi Lovato: The Lost Songs



An archive.

*Abracadabra (2011). A collaboration with Timbaland & Missy Elliott that was never released. Likely intended for Unbroken.

*Afterglow (2014). A duet with Nick Jonas that was never released.

*Around the World (2015). Released by Natalie La Rose.

*Bad Chick (?). A snipped leaked. Possibly meant for Unbroken.

*Besame Mucho (2011). Recorded for Unbroken and scrapped. LEAKED.

*Break a Sweat (2015). Dr. Luke wanted it to be her first single off her new album, but Demi refused, so the song was scrapped. Released by Becky G.

*Dagger (?). The demo LEAKED.

*Daydream (2008). A cover of Avril Lavigne’s song. Likely intended for an early EP or Don’t Forget.

*Emotion (?). Recorded with Nick Jonas. A snippet is featured on Nick’s tour diary.

*Heartbeat Song (2014). Released by Kelly Clarkson. 

*Human (2015). Recorded for Confident and scrapped. The demo LEAKED.

*I Don’t Care (2016). Released by Ariana Grande.

*In the Dark (2011). Released by Dev.

*Keep on Loving Me Baby (2016).

*Love Don’t Let Me Go (2017). Her new song with Marshmello. We only have a live demo so far.

*Love Is an Open Door (2012).

*Love Is the Answer (2009). Co-written with John Mayer for Here We Go Again. Scrapped.

*Love Is the Name (2016).

*Me Without You (2009). Released by Ashley Tisdale.

*My Kind of Crazy (2013). Likely recorded for DEMI.

*My Stupid Heart (2016). Released by TINI.

*Only Color I See (2017). The demo LEAKED.

*Proof (2017). Listed on the ARPA AMCOS database.

*Shut Up and Love Me (2009). Written for Here We Go Again and scrapped. LEAKED.

*Starry Night (2016).

*Take Me Over (2015).

*The Beauty (2015).

*Too Much Love (2013). Likely intended for DEMI. LEAKED.

*The Way (2013). Released by Ariana Grande.

*Too Late For Lovers (?).

*We’re Taking Over (2013). Recorded for DEMI. Released by Bea Miller.

*Yes Yes (2013). Released by The Colourist. Not sure if this was meant to be a collaboration or not.

*You’re Not Alone (2014).

*You Better Love Me (?). Possible demo.