NAC: I’m dealing majorly with depression…

NAC: I’m dealing majorly with depression in my life right now. And it’s because I don’t have a solid girlfriend – the only person I talk to on a regular basis is my boyfriend. And I’m not a very outgoing person – and it just feels like I’m never going to make a good friend who’s a girl. Until (if) that happens, what would you girls suggest I do to help my depression? (I hope it’s okay that I’m asking this).

Honestly, the only real way is to deal with it head on. Get to the root of it and really work your way back from it. It’s hard and it’s scary but avoiding it only prolongs the depression. At least open up to someone about it-anyone. Getting it out there makes it feel like much less of a burden and a weight off your shoulders. Different people deal with and overcome depression in different ways and it’s not just “one size fits all” in terms of how you recover so my suggestion would be to look into different ways to do so and figure out a method that works for YOU! 😊 In the meantime, we’re here for you as much as we possibly can be. Stay strong.
-Nicole xx