NAC: Do you guys need new admins again? Or are…

NAC: Do you guys need new admins again? Or are there not many confessions to be posted? Or are you guys taking a break? Not trying to be rude, but you guys aren't really posting much & I thought one of the rules of being an admin was that you had to be active. Why don't you pick people that can post like every day? All these new admins suck….

Right now there are a whopping two confessions in the inbox. But honestly, anon, saying ‘not trying to be rude’ doesn’t make what you said any less rude. We say this time and time again- we all have lives. We are not paid to be here, we don’t owe anyone anything. This blog runs on what other people send in. I know I haven’t had much time for anything lately while trying to do things for Halloween, as well as trying to keep my own mental health in check, and I’m sure the rest of the admins have their reasons too. But again, this runs on fan confessions and if people aren’t confessing, what exactly do you expect us to do? And for future reference, instead of being shitty and calling our wonderful admins shitty, consider leaving that part out, or just don’t say anything at all 🙂


Just adding here since I’m one of the new admins you are talking about. I’ll admit I’ve been a bit more busy this month then normal but I usually check every other day if I don’t have time to check everyday and most the time the inbox is empty and if it isn’t I make every confession and queue them up to post. Like Megan said this runs on fan confessions and just sometimes there aren’t any, it’s not us admins being inactive. We can’t post everyday when there’s nothing to post if people don’t write confessions or even write anything for us to answer there’s nothing to post. I know you said you were’t trying to be rude but if you meant those words you never should have finished your message the way you did. I’ll admit that wasn’t the greatest comment to see when I’m checking for confessions before I go to bed now. All us admins have lives to live and to be honest our well being and things that happen in our lives will come before this blog. xx Hillary