Author: Demi Lovato Confessions

When Sonny with chance starts streaming on Disney + can you make an announcement please or someone. Cause I’m not getting it agin until it’s on so I can binge

We can do that!! I hope they decide to put it on soon, loved that show so much. xxKaity

Thank you Katy I’m going to try the hotline. And thank you all for your support. I’m glad we have this page.

I am so glad ❤️ please know we’re always for you. Wishing you love and strength 💕

Is there a hotline where you don’t have to talk to anyone you can write it out like an chat Try this!

What is y’all advice for someone who feels so down and just wants to commit suicide cause they’re so sad

My best advice, is to please reach out to a loved one. A friend. A teacher. A family memeber you truly trust. I promise you someone will listen and care and if they don’t and your sadness has gotten to the point of suicidal thoughts please seek professional help and call the hotline: 1-800-273-8255

I wouldn’t keep sharing that number if I didn’t believe that they could help, I have used the hotline several times and I’m still here. It’s something I wish I could have shared with my best friend when she was struggling. I wish I could take everyone’s pain away who has sent in confessions like this lately (and who has ever felt like this in general) and I wish I could tell you what to do, like play your favorite music, watch your favorite movie, write all of what your feeling down to let it out. Sometimes it’s not that simple, but for the sake of your loved ones I beg you to reach for help 💙💛 xKaity