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Has Demi ever mentioned anything about wanting kids. Does she want kids? Do you think because she has her disorders she may not want kids because she may still deal with them while raising her kids and pass it on to them like her mother D did

She’s gone back and fourth a few times but I do think she does want kids in the future. In a very recent bikini pic on insta she shared how proud she is of her body and how it “will continue to amaze me when I hopefully give birth one day”.

I think with all Demis been through that she will one day be an amazing mother, even with her struggles and disorders. I firmly believe that when the day comes that she does settle down, she will be in a stable place in her life. I believe she will have an amazing support system of friends and family who will be there for her. I think having her own kids will open her eyes in so many ways. I don’t think her disorders should stop her from having her own family.

Even if Bipolar Disorder gets passed down to her children, I don’t think it’s the end of the world. I think it’s a chance for her to help her children a lot sooner than when Demi was treated. I don’t think Dianna was a bad mom, she had her own struggles that she needed to take care of and that’s where mistakes were made. I think when Demi has kids that she’ll be able to learn from all she’s been through and come out even better for her children. xxKaity

Not to be a douche but didn't Demi give her dogs Bella and Oliver to her parents because she couldn't take care of them? What makes her think that she could take care of Batman and Cinderella? I mean we all know what happened to buddy… oh Demi

Well this makes me sad.. i think Bella and Oliver were family dogs. And if she couldn’t at that time it’s understandable when she was that young. She got Buddy as a gift and what happened to him was tragic and not Demi’s fault, every owner makes a mistake and if she had known what would’ve happened, she’d never let him outside. Honestly I think the “Demi loves Batman more than Ella” is a harmless joke, if she really neglected her animals, someone would definitely step in and i’m sure Dallas would LOVE to take Ella in and dye her hair purple this time. xxxKaity