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Am I the only one thinking how utterly ridiculous it was for Demi to be getting hate and backlash over her trip to Israel? Like, ALL she was doing was expressing how grateful and excited she was about it. Let her express that.

Hey, I’ll make this into a confession for you later but I agree to an extent. I’m 24 years old and (I’ll probably get hate for this too) I had NO idea of the situation in Palestine/Israel. It’s not on the news here at all and not in the public eye, so I wasn’t educated about it either. I’m currently trying to but it’s confusing and I still have to wrap my head around it and understand it, therefore I am not currently educated enough to have a “proper” opinion on it.

Maybe, just maybe, that was the case with Demi too. I can sympathise with her situation if she’s in the same boat as me. And I can understand her reason for going. Many religious people see it as the holiest place and she obviously wants to reconnect to her faith. She apologised for what she did and may be trying to educate herself now. I COMPLETELY understand that people want to educate her about it and desperately want her to understand the significance of what’s happening there. But people don’t have to bully people about it; I’ve seen the comments.

There are two sides to every story and yes, Demi should have been more educated and maybe not spoken to some people the way that she did. But some of the people who were taunting Demi as a means of trying to get her to be educated also didn’t need to be so mean.

Whew, this current drama is exhausting (and, like I said, I’ll make this into a confession later 😊)

-Nicole xx

I think we all feel a little this. Let’s show Demi some love.