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Did anyone else when they were 10 years old watching Camp Rock love Demi but also wanted to be the girl who sang the “Here I Am” song

Lol YES! Peggy deserved better!! xxKaity

NAC: Do you think child stars should be considered role models

I wish they didn’t have to be but sometimes when their in those roles, kids will look up to them even if their the same age or younger. They’re kind of made to stand for something, like with Demi from a very early age I remember seeing her in Stomp Out Bullying commercials, that’s what she stood for. But like she’s said, that’s “a lot for anybody to handle let alone a kid” and I feel sad that most of their childhoods have that burden of needing to look good for the network there on, having to always act a certain way, say certain things, especially when they’d rather be doing what kids their age are doing. I also think by doing this it’s what’s causing a lot of child stars to act out when they are coming of age, and branching out into things no one excepted or saw coming. (Also sorry this is a novel!!) xxKaity