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Just adding something I’ve thought from seeing her out and about now. I would have loved her to stay in rehab until 2019 when I saw that report how she was staying until next year I was really happy for her but again that was a rumor as far as we knew but a rumor I was happy to read so now seeing her out I wonder if she had someone write that story so that people and paparazzi would leave her be until 2019. I think she wanted the rest of the year to even though she’s out to lay low a bit. I also don’t think she owes anyone to make a post or say what’s happening with her right now she needs to just focus on her life and doing what she needs for her sobriety. I also think her family and friends are saying nothing now too because it’s Demi’s life so that can speak on her behalf unless she tells them to and maybe she’s telling everyone to stay quiet right now. I mean we don’t know what’s going on and my guess is we won’t until Demi says anything these are just my thoughts I’ve had when I see people discussing things. It’s totally fine she has the right to stay quiet and focus on herself until she feels comfortable to say what she needs to say. Which is all I want for her to be comfortable to tell us what she’s got going on but until then I’m ok with her not saying anything, posting anything or making new music until she wants to do it herself not because she feels pressured she needs to do it because others say she should she’s got to do it for herself. xx Hillary