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What are y’all favorite Disney channel songs @admins

If you mean the Disney movies, Colors of the Wind will always be my all time favorite. But if you mean the lil music videos that would play during the commercials (those were the days 😭) Don’t Forget and Get Back by Demi we’re my jam. I also loved A Year Without Rain by Selena, Ready or Not by Bridgit was soooo good and The Climb by Miley still gets me to this day 😭😂 xxKaity







Really? Are there any other shows or movies missing or it’s just Sonny with a Chance

I’m sure there’s a ton but honestly I haven’t really noticed too much missing! At least my other childhood favorites are on there, and shows like Hannah Montana and Wizards of Waverly Place which aired at the same time as Sonny is on there, so I wonder if their just waiting?

But has anyone else noticed their favorites missing??